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Like most of the rest of the Web, this site is under construction. And like most of the rest of the web, it will never be finished. Unlike most of the rest of the Web, there is no stick figure construction worker gif here. You're welcome...

The links above should be self-explanatory... photos of our amazing sons, Joseph and Philip; photos of various family members; some ride reports from Peter's cycling adventures; and our car page.

Note to critics: this web is here primarily as a means of sharing photographs with our geographically diverse families. So don't go looking for stunning content, unless of course you're related. ;-) If you want to know more about Peter, look here.

Here are links to the "latest" photos (in the form of slideshows built by the Windows XP HTML Slideshow generator PowerToy).

-- Peter (Dad, webmaster), Claire (Mom, creative consultant), Joseph (oldest son), and Philip (newest son)


The important members of the family...                               ...a 2002 snow storm...                               ...and of course home-made Wallace & Gromit