Joseph Photos


Joseph Benjamin Warton


Born at 6:34pm on August 31, 1998. He weighed 7lb 12oz, and measured 20 3/4" long. Here are some photos of him (click the image to see an enlarged version).



Early shots - very small, very cute.


An early shot - check out that belly button!
Ah, the wisdom of the young!
Nap time for everyone (sleep when the baby sleeps, right?).
Will someone get these damn Paparazzi away from me?!?
You need a telephoto just to see those tiny fingers...
Claire and Joseph take a well earned break.
Sleeping (anyone detect a theme here?).
A trip to Washington Park. Joseph sleeps in the car seat.
An early shot at home - at least someone's getting a nap!


More photos (3/11/98). The little nipper is up to 17.5lbs (7.94kg), and a whopping 28 inches (71.1cm) long. He's not crawling yet, but he's starting to verbalize (such as it is for babies), and he's eating solid "food" (though "food" is clearly a euphemism for "muck" in the case of baby food). Third tooth is on it's way in, poor guy. Check it out!

Hey, I can't help being cute.
Okay, that's enough situps for today.
Fine, one more (but spot me).
That Rogaine(TM) really works! I used to be bald on the sides!
Anyone hungry? What do you mean not anymore?!



More Photos (5/30/2000). Now we're pushing 28 lbs. He's quite tall, walking and running, eating real food, talking with real words, and generally clowning around.

Swinging in the rain...
Will you just take the photo please?
Nobody likes me, I'm going to eat this worm.



Finally, an update! 15 January, 2001... thirty lbs, speaking in perfect sentences, runs FAST, cracks jokes, amazes us every day. The tumultuous twos have started (I refuse to call them terrible), but it's nothing like what people had suggested. He's very lovable, communicative, and thoughtful. Yes, strong emotions are definitely part of the growth, but that's nothing terrible!

Cute little pumpkin (Halloween 2000)
If we keep this up, we'll have our own team for the 2025 Tour De France!
Everybody Limbo!
Joseph with his cousin Margaret, in Oxford England, stuffed into a callbox.
Sledding in Snoqualmie with Pop.
Getting ready to see his first Nutcracker with his cousins in Seattle (Claire's brother Alan's family). He loved it!
Oh, the hours spent in the bath!



Another update: August, 2001. He will be three at the end of this month - hard to believe. Anyway, he sings, dances (he loves ballet), counts to twenty, knows the alphabet, etc.

Dancer. "Dancers need to rest."
Sandbox... then of course he likes to nap in our bed, sand and all. ;-)
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), where the boys spend many a rainy day.