Philip Photos


Philip Gabriel Warton

Philip is the newest clan member, born May 8 2000 at 1:28pm after a remarkably short 3:20 labor. He weighed 8lb 1oz at birth, and was 20.5" long. We think he looks like a) Ben Kingsly or b) Patrick Stewart. Of course that could just be the effect of his hairline...

These photos are somewhat large, please forgive me if you're on a low-speed connection. Click on an image to see an enlarged version.


Early Shots... pretty small, isn't he?

Make it so, Dad (with apologies to Jean Luc).

Philip reclining on hardwood, basking in the sun.

An extremely proud Joseph holding his tiny brother.


Resting peacefully. Good thing we have a picture of it.



Finally, some more shots! 15 January, 2001, he's 8.5 months old. Both bottom front teeth are in, top right just broke through yesterday. He's been eating "solids" for about 2 months now. He sleeps through the night, nurses well, smiles and laughs nearly all the time (as you'll see in these pictures), and is now able to crawl. Well, backwards anyway (hi Margaret! ;-).

New best friend?

Philip, with star baby-sitter Jill. This is a tongue shot (on the part of Philip I mean)!

We weren't kidding when we said everybody limbo!


This is the "Cha Cha Cha" dance Philip does when he's hungry.

No caption could possibly do this photo justice.

Squeaky clean! Well, squeaky anyway...
Boy in the hood.
Training for the Tour already?
Cuter than dad, no question!
Maybe we should start with a pedal car Philip. Bimmer man at 10 months!



Mid-August 2001 - walking, talking (not that we know what he's saying), being extremely cute.

Book worm...

Midvalle School for the gifted (Farside reference...)?
Train, train, train! Basted Brio...
Busytown, at OMSI. Something about this photo (composition, color, his posture) just stands out, to my eye.